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Our Purpose:

We provide wholistic solutions to core challenges by awakening, empowering, and liberating the whole person with ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques. To unlock an individual's power to heal, we show you how to identify and address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual causes - the whole scope of the person. This leaves nothing out but encompasses the whole solution. Inspiring a way of life to achieve your highest potential.

Liberated Living is passionate about guiding others through adversity and liberating them. We teach how to let pain and illness heal you rather than kill you. Awareness is the first step toward healing and transformation. By journeying through struggle and difficulty, we learn self-mastery. It is in learning empowerment through obstacles that we are both called and compelled to share from our own experience. It became our mission to grant others the same freedom from their limitations. One of purpose and possibility.

Defining Holism:

Holistic is typically referred to as complementary or alternative medicine and is often defined as those that address the underlying causes of a health or emotional problem and treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms alone. *Holistic or *Wholistic means relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than the treatment of parts.


The word Holistic comes from Greek word Holos meaning all, entire, total; and the Latin word Holism, which means whole, entire, all.  The actual practice of holism dates back to the time of Aristotle (384-322 BC): "The whole is more than the sum of its parts." So, in the spirit of holism, holistic health care can be defined as those that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that make up the total system of the individual. As such, the individual is best treated as a whole and is where true healing and awakening occurs.

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Self-Love is the PANACEA eBook 3d cover.

Self-Love is the PANACEA eBook 3d cover.

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A Total Holistic Health Care Program

Holistic Care

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Holistic Iridologist

Holisitic Iridology Chart

Camille Sullivan

Holistic Therapist & Practitioner, Educator, Author & Co-Founder


Who I Am & What I Do

Over 20 years in the holistic industry, Camille Sullivan fosters personal growth and transformation, enhancing individual advancement, self-mastery, healthy coping strategies, and ignites authentic creative self-expression, unlocking your full potential, and gently guiding clients to their own intuitive answers. While providing a safe and confidential space for clients, she supports others in reprogramming subconscious, inherent, and limiting beliefs and generational patterns that sabotage personal success through our 7-Step PANACEA Model and strategies to effectively rewire distorted beliefs and subconscious programs, improving neurochemistry through unique recoding strategies, ensuring growth and fulfillment. Camille is professionally accredited through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.


Through these proven signature programs and compressed 7-step PANACEA healing system, you will overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, escape "survive" syndrome and learn to THRIVE!

   Heal trapped emotions & discover the recipe for success with transformative recoding secrets.

  • Decode limiting beliefs, key blind-spots, & Identify your innate gifts,

  • Reframe emotional scars to remove their power over you.

  • Remove the inner critic or "bug" in your subconscious programming.

  • Heal inter-relational dynamic's to establish successful relationships

  • Identify your key players catalyzing your growth, mastering high-leverage inner work & techniques

  • Utilize learning curves as a framework for success 

  • Align to your authentic self, purpose, and unlock your potential by rewiring your mind to work for you, not against you!


Camille addresses the source of the cause, including epigenetic behavioral patterns providing you with the whole, life-long solution, no quick fixes. She utilizes unique and customized tools with the Mind-Body connection via Advanced Diplomas, Certificates and Professional training in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Neuroplasticity, Science Of Mind & Spiritual Psychology orientated, Advanced Diploma in Consciousness, Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Meditation,Neuroscience, Holistic Iridology and Lifestyle practices, Behavioral Genetics, Reiki I, II, Lymphology, physiology, Exercise, and Metabolic Retraining Sciences, Essential Oils, energy healing and much more, offering guidance, with emphasis on Wholistic Psychology, Health, Diet, Lifestyle modification, Fitness, and Science Of Mind Disciplines, Energy & healing arts guiding one to gently overcome inherent fears & gain self-actualization. An alchemical & truly life-changing experience!

Experience unconventional methods to trump challenges and discover the answers you've been seeking as she revels to empower those that cross her path to gain new awareness and conscious awakening on their journey.


Authored and Co-authored Educational Material and Signature Courses: Genetic Recoding for Participants and Practitioners, Self-Love is the PANACEA, Discover Your Relationship Archetype, Break Codependency Patterns, Heal Generational Patterns, SoulWork Through Generational Healing, Awaken The Inner Healer, as a guide to "Be Your Own Therapist", The Ultimate "Twinning" Dietary Guideline, Certificate Of Completions for Practitioners & Therapists Advanced Signature Series, "Genetic Recoding", P.A.N.A.C.E.A. System.

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     "With my background in both health sciences and natural medicine, I have established a very balanced view of the harmonious blend of science and nature. With my broad background in holistic sciences and psychology, I have developed a well-balanced view on science and spirituality".

~Corinne Sullivan ​

Corinne Sullivan

Holistic Therapist, Practitioner, Author, Educator, & Co-founder

Corinne is a passionate educator, therapist, and practitioner of holistic sciences and has been involved in this practice since 2000. Corinne Sullivan has a very broad educational background in holistic sciences, psychology, therapy, counseling, and natural medicine. She devotes her expertise with compassion from professional and personal experience empowering and inspiring healthy habit formation, self-esteem, positive self-worth, spiritual values, and true self-discovery. Corinne has dedicated her life to the science and art of healing to bring transformation to the lives of others. She has been professionally accredited throughout her career and is currently accredited through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association where she can offer all of her educational healing expertise. After years of mastering her healing work, she shares her skills and expertise by way of educating and training other professionals such as therapists, healers, and practitioners through her workshops, healing programs, coursework and educational material in these holistic healing methods and techniques, including but not limited to:


Holistic iridology, hypnotherapy, core-issue therapy and psychodynamic therapies, theta-therapy, brainwave therapy, rapid eye movement therapies, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), counseling in substance abuse and addiction, shamanism, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), personality trait assessments featuring the Rayid Model and additional biological personality theories, lifestyle and dietary plans, customized health and nutritional regimens, natural cleansing and body detoxification, health supplements, herbs, homeopathy, natural medicine, lifestyle modifications, exercise, yoga, meditation, and other modalities to ensure optimal healing and recovery.


Corinne’s authored and co-authored material includes; 'Introduction to Genetic Recoding', eBook & eCourse "Genetically Recode Subconscious Beliefs" with the 7-Step P.A.N.A.C.E.A Model, 'Genetic Recoding eCourses for Participants/Practitioners

  • Coursework: Generational Healing Programs 

''Understanding Addictions: The science & psychology behind our addictive behaviors', "Break Codependency Patterns', 'The Healthy by Nature Dietary Regimen, safe for inflammatory conditions, diabetes & Celiacs disease', 'Mind-Body Science, whole-brain integration', 'Your Personality Blueprint', and 'Teaching tools for The Science & Practice of Iridology'

  • Coursework: Introduction to Rayid Iridology, Intermediate Rayid Iridology, and Advanced Rayid Iridology diploma course.



​"We are one system; the brain is integrated into the body at a molecular level and therefore neither can be treated separately without the other being directly affected. Our bodies are in fact the realizaltion of our subconscious minds" ~Candace Pert, Ph.D, Founder of Mind-Body Medicine